“Contracting with the Government”

Lecture Series & Workshop Sessions

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8:00 AM      

Quynh Budzynski

Ability One


& Strategic Partnerships

with Blind Industries

& Services of Maryland”

9:00 AM  

Kathy Wajer

Maryland PTAP

“The In’s and Out’s of Procurement

for Small Business”

Helena Koch

General Services Administration

“Doing Business with the GSA”

Mark Mandula

United Capital Funding

“How to Successfully

Raise Funding for Your Business:

“Commitment to Fund Letter”

10:00 AM    

Nicola Ohaegbu

Department of Energy

“Doing Business with the DoE”

Michael Pitek

The Pitek Group

Part I

“Tuning Up Your

Leadership Presence”

11:00 AM  

Ron Uba

U.S. Department of Commerce


Contract Corridors

& Workforce Development”

Lauri McGuire

Maryland Department

of General Services

“Doing Business

with Maryland DGS”

Michael Pitek

The Pitek Group



Part II

“Speaking with Impact”

12:00 PM  

Lisa Swoboda/Helga Weschke


Department of Commerce

“Taking Advantage of Maryland’s Military & Federal Footprint”

“Business to Government Tools

and Resources”

JR McGee


Leadership Group


“Achieving World Class

Performance In a

Multi-National/Multi-Cultural Team Environment ”

Matt Tuman

& Abdallah Ahmed

Clements Worldwide


“Risk Management

in a Global Economy”

1:00 PM  

Bradley Holtzapple


“Doing Business

with DLA-Aberdeen”

Mike McWilliams

USAF Small Business

“Doing Business

with the Air Force”

Albert Pines

90 Degrees of Design

“How Your Brand Helps You

Win Government Business”

2:00 PM  

Go to the 2pm-3:30pm

Panel Discussion

Go to the 2pm-3:30pm

Panel Discussion

Go to the 2pm-3:30pm

Panel Discussion

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